• All our Board are time-served industry professionals. John and Stuart Williams own a major asset finance brokerage together with operating their own significant direct lending operation, providing funding support themselves to the same market. Steve Fletcher and John Wilson previously owned a whole-of-market brokerage that provided SME commercial and regulated funding solutions for more than a decade.

    Both businesses have worked collaboratively for years - and from this close working relationship the concept of Panacea was developed - to fulfil clear market demand for localised funding delivered direct to the client in clear and simple terms, by the decision makers.


  • John Wilson

    Director - Panacea Finance Solutions Ltd

    A highly experienced financier, familiar with all types of commercial finance and applying them within any commercial situation

    A genuine passion for providing financial solutions with integrity

    Lengthy career in SME and corporate finance with roles as business developer, lending management and underwriting

    More than a decade operating a successful commercial brokerage practice with client portfolio ranging from start up to £150m turnover and lending case procurement from £50k up to £23 million

    A commercially aware, pragmatic underwriter in bridging and development finance, benefitting from broad sector experience with the groups own property portfolio and that of its wide client base

    The combination of direct underwriting and wider market refinance procurement provides a reassuring skill set for clients, for both initial and exit funding options.


  • Steve Fletcher

    Director, Panacea Finance Solutions Ltd

    A highly experienced financial services professional for over two decades

    Has provided bespoke brokerage services to the SME sector for all types of funding, through his own company, for more than a decade

    Has a well-earned reputation for breadth of view and creativity, in assessing and delivering outcomes for client funding

    His early career background in management with Marks and Spencer, and operating his own retail business, sees him very well placed to relate to clients who have wider demands on their time and businesses

    Committed to providing high quality, empathetic service to clients and introducing professionals alike, which generates strong client loyalty

    Fully involved in all underwriting decisions, together with alternative market options and long term exit funding planning


  • John Williams

    Director - Panacea Finance Solutions Ltd

    In excess of 40 years experience in the finance industry

    Managing Director of a major UK asset finance brokerage for over three decades

    A highly capable lending underwriter, also operating as a principal lender in the asset finance arena for more than ten years

    A passionate provider of relationship-driven service and a firm advocate of this through his entire team

    Has provided successful direct funding and brokerage support through all cycles of the UK economy and has maintained a loyal client base throughout

    Fiercely loyal to his customers, reflecting the high respect with which he is held in the finance industry


  • Stuart Williams

    Director - Panacea Finance Solutions Ltd

    Worked in all facets of the groups companies for over a decade

    A proven business developer with a firm relationship-driven ethos

    Leads group compliance, funds management and capital adequacy

    Responsible for delivery of all group technical infrastructure

    Manages the live lending book and financial performance

    In common with all the company directors, adds his strong sector experience to the underwriting process

    A warm and approachable style which resonates with clients, colleagues and introducing professionals alike

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