There are a wide range of commercial options if you need a business loan. There may be solutions that are a better fit than ours. If so, we'll tell you. Does your bank do that?

  • We lend for wider business needs, as well as property:


    One-off projects

    Construction of property for the business to occupy or rent to third parties

    Uniquely, we make sure we understand if our funding is the right option for you. You can find out more about this free no-commitment consultancy here. This means you have nothing to lose by contacting us. If our own funding is the best fit, or preferable to you because of our speed and certainty, then we can lend for your business need. As always this would be subject to appropriate security and an agreed exit strategy.


  • Examples of where we have funded for business are:

    £130k cashflow support to be repaid following completion of a long and drawn-out legal process.

    £240k for cashflow, and warehousing construction, to be repaid by profit generation or later refinance of an off balance sheet asset.

    £140k for cashflow, pending a later property sale.

    £50k for combined cashflow and completion of a property conversion project, repaid from subsequent asset refinance.

  • Why us:

    We will consider lending against other assets you may have, to see if there are alternative choices for either cheaper funding or a higher level of borrowing.

    If you are successful in that search, it could mean that you don't have to borrow from Panacea, or that you can reduce the level of funding required from us.

    You deal direct with our decision makers - we are a small and highly experienced team.

    Because of our wide and deep assessment process, we can consider lending more aggressively than other principal lenders.

  • Features of our business lending:

    Clients speak directly with our underwriters who typically will meet with the client at their business, to gain a full understanding of the business and its requirements

    Our underwriters have significant business and corporate lending experience and bring a full understanding of profit and loss, cashflow and balance sheet interpretation coupled with a pragmatic approach to funding

    We can use on or off balance sheet property assets to secure our funding

    Our solicitors will typically issue our legal pack within 24 hours of instruction and are committed to working with the client's solicitors to achieve funding drawdown as quickly as possible. They take a commercial approach to any challenges within the legal process and will consider all options available to us and the clients, to overcome any time or process difficulties

    Interest roll up available

    We will look to match our loan term carefully to client requirements, to avoid, where possible, facility expiry and renewal

    Independent land/property valuations are not always required

    Open discussion with our underwriters throughout

  • We view the team at Panacea as partners to our business, not only because they have provided us with cashflow funding for our company themselves, but as they take a very genuine interest in us, our business, and our longer term goals. We very much use them as a trusted source of advice as well as funding. It has been refreshing to work with a lender that has been keen to work with our wider professional advisers, being our accountants and solicitors. The joint meetings and debates we have had with all these parties have been invaluable.

    Martin Levick - Director, N Levick and Son Limited

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