Are you a business struggling to get a loan? ...

    ... at Panacea we can help.


    Banks don't see the opportunity that I can ...

    ... Panacea do.


    Dealing with the bank in a fast-moving market is frustrating, I have to keep chasing them...

    ... Dealing with Panacea is fast and proactive


    My business needs funds or we will run out of cash ...

    ... Panacea are short-term lending specialists.


    I need to be sure funding will be ready, before I make a move on a property ...

    ... Panacea make fast decisions and stick with them


    I run a business and find it time-consuming to get a loan ...

    ... Panacea pay attention and lend fast.


    When the bank can't or won't lend ...

    ... talk to Panacea.


    How should we fund our refurbishment project? ...

    ... with a loan or referral from Panacea.

  • Knowledge - Integrity - Speed

    Looking for short-term business funding from £50k to £1m+ for cash flow or to finance property?

    Not getting the right answers from banks or other lenders?

  • You will always deal with John Wilson or Steve Fletcher, the principal Directors at Panacea who will give you a fast decision on whether we will lend to you.

    What's more we'll give you a range of options that fit your circumstances, even if that means you don't borrow from us.

    We primarily lend to businesses in the East Midlands but will accept enquiries from any UK location.

  • Lending decision within 24 hours

    Loans for up to one year

    Friendly, knowledgeable and fast

    Free no-commitment consulting, to discuss the best finance fit


  • Panacea is dedicated to offering short term and development funding with quick lending decisions.


    Refurbishment Lending

    Secure your refurbishment funding before you bid or negotiate on a property.


    Property Development Lending

    Short-term finance for builders and developers borrowing under £1m.


    Bridging Lending

    Practical bridging loans, that work with the fluid nature of projects.


    Business Lending

    A wide range of commercial solutions for your wider business needs.


    What we will lend for

    Panacea's highly experienced and knowledgeable principals can advise.


    We can lend on a first or second charge basis

  • See what our customers are saying...

  • It has cost me more than a bank to borrow from you and fund the development, but the alternative was that it didn't proceed and therefore cost me nothing, but I then didn't make the £800,000 return that I have now made from the development as a consequence of borrowing from you.

    Rob Richier - Director, The Warrant Officer Limited

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